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Rajiv Gandhi University of Science and Technology  – Where, what, how?

RGUST uses a similar curriculum as that taught in the best medical schools in the USA. We use US textbooks and course review materials.  We use the shelf exams similar to US students to prepare our students.

Our graduate degrees are recognized throughout the world. Hence, after receiving the RGUST medical degree, our students can take the entrance exams of their respective countries and can practice anywhere across the globe.

Why join the Rajiv Gandhi University of Science and Technology?

Comprehensive 5 ½ year MD Program for Motivated High School Graduates

4 year MD Program for B.Sc. BSN,GNM, B Pharm  Graduates

USA Styled Medical Curriculum

USMLE Focused Education

Hospital Integrated Program


Professional Guidance from Practicing US Medical Doctors

Curriculum Taught in English by Experienced MDs/PhDs

Excellent Student Teacher Ratio

University Established in the GUYANA, SOUTH AMERICA.

Beautiful Country with Secure Living Conditions

What is the background of the teaching faculty and the Board of Directors of Rajiv Gandhi University of Science and Technology?

Most of the faculty are MDs or PhDs.

Our Board of Advisors are from the top league Universities of the INDIA, GUYANA. 

What are the teaching practices at the Rajiv Gandhi University of Science and Technology like?

Complete focus and emphasis is given to the USMLE exams.

Weekly tests are given to train the students for the USMLE Exams.

RGUSTprovides the students with its own USMLE board review course right from the first semester and continues till the student passes the USMLE Step-1 exam at the end of the Basic Sciences.

Students are prepared for USMLE Step-2 during their clinical rotations.

Our university is dedicated to excellence in higher education and our faculty is committed to the best education and well being of our students.

What are the advantages of studying Medicine at RGUST?

Small class size: We have small class sizes and an excellent student teacher ratio 1:16. This ensures better student-teacher interaction. 

Research facilities: Our teaching departments offer research opportunities to our students. This gives our students exposure to many multi-disciplinary research projects.

Is there an entrance examination for admission to RGUST?

No entrance examinations are required. We do however require a GPA of 2.8 and above for USA and Canadian students and over 50% score where percentiles score is calculated in different countries. An interview is required as part of the admissions process, for the Admissions Committee to make the decision on whether to admit the student.



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